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» Articles » Garden Tours » Jack Daniel's Distillery: Lynchburg, Tennessee

Jack Daniel's Distillery: Lynchburg, Tennessee

by Douglas L. Bishop on 10/5/2011 15:07

Here’s a tour worth taking.

Not only do we get to see the grounds and buildings of the famous Jack Daniel’s Distillery, where we learn about the making and the history of this classic American product, but we also get to spend time in the beautiful setting where the distillery is located—the rolling hills of south central Tennessee.

We learn that this facility is the only place in the world where Jack Daniel’s whiskey is made. Every single drop that’s marketed and sold around the world starts out right here.

And that’s the way it’s always been since 1866, the year the distillery first started up.

Our walking tour of the grounds leads us up the sloping hill to the place where the sugar maple slats are cut, stacked, and burned to produce the charcoal that is said to give the Jack Daniel’s whiskey its mellow flavor.

And where are the maple trees grown that produce this charcoal? Right here in the surrounding nearby hills.

We are taken through the building where the whiskey slowly drips and flows through 10 feet of this sugar maple charcoal.

After this, the whiskey is put into barrels where it remains for several years in order to go through the all-important aging process.

And what are the barrels made of? You guessed it—locally grown white oak. The Mighty Oaks: Red, White, and Amazing

And by now you’ve probably figured out that the barrels are individually crafted by the Jack Daniel’s employees themselves, who take great pride in being a part of the process that leads to the creation of this world famous whiskey—a product that’s been made in the same location and in the same manner for well over a century.

What about the water used in making this whiskey?

Our tour leads us past the one and only source of pure, clean, clear spring water that is used in every bottle of Jack Daniel’s whiskey distilled here at the facility.

The water seeps through limestone and then emerges from an underground cave (guarded by a statue of Jack Daniel himself; see photo at left) right on the grounds.

So, how does any of this relate to gardening?

Well, if we truly consider planet Earth our garden (and it is), this whole process shows us how dependent we are on the ecological system and how important it is to keep it clean, healthy, and productive—not only to grow the foods we eat, but also to be able to enjoy some of the leisurely luxuries that enhance our quality of life.

Clean clear water, maple trees, oak trees—not to mention the grains that are used in the initial steps of starting the whiskey-making process—all these things are examples of the gifts we receive from the garden.

Enjoy your tour along the garden path and don’t forget to listen for the GardenVoice!

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